Riverbank House Hotel
GDPR Forms & Information

Real Bars Ltd. T/A the Riverbank House Hotel is comitted to the affective implimentation of the General Data Protection Regulations 'GDPR' (EU) 2016/679 for both customers & employees alike.  
Here you can access various forms & information regarding our plolicies, what information we hold and how we handle it. For direct contact with our data controller, Colm Campbell, you can email direct datacontroller@riverbankhousehotel.com for more information.
GDPR Forms & Information:
Privacy Policy - Click Here
Article 30 - Record content record of a controller - Click Here (Pending)
Transparancy Notices - Click Here
Data Breach Management Policy - Click Here
Data subjects rights policy - Click Here
Data subjects rights procedure & forms - Click Here
Clean desk policy - Click Here
Bring your own device policy - Click Here
Data retention policy - Click Here